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Building a basketball video analysis software tool random projects

Describes my 8 year journey to build some basketball video analysis software in rust and typescript

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Adding comments with utterances random

Trying out comments via github issues

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Optimising time to interactive, or rewriting my blog... again code random

What started out as experimenting with reducing the time to interactive resulted in me rewriting the blog... again. This time I've migrated to Zola.

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CMOS analog clock random projects

A custom analog clock using CMOS components and LEDs for the digits

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Recreating the blog in NextJS random projects

Its that time again when I rewrite my blog, but this time its statically generated using NextJS

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Coal powered cars? random

A back of the envelope investigation into the emissions savings from converting to electric cars in the UK

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Switched to Ghost random

A quick note about switching this blog to Ghost

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Python static site generator code random projects

The source code for my Python static site generator

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C# 5.0 In A Nutshell - Review random

A review of a book by Joseph Albahari & Ben Albahari, O'Reilly Media

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