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CMOS analog clock random projects

A custom analog clock using CMOS components and LEDs for the digits

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Recreating the blog in NextJS random projects

Its that time again when I rewrite my blog, but this time its statically generated using NextJS

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Python static site generator code random projects

The source code for my Python static site generator

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Reducing online abuse through sentiment analysis code projects tutorials

A look at how to use Sentiment Analysis to detect 'star wars tweets', in the context of addressing abusive behaviour on social media platforms

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demarcate.js 2 redesign code projects

A quick review of the upcoming features in demarcate.js version 2

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Days Ago, a Chrome App code projects

An experimental Chrome App for entering more natural reminders

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demarcate.js Markdown Editor code projects

Introducing the demarcate.js markdown editor!

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HTML5 Game using easel.js code projects

A description of a Connect 4 clone I build using EaselJS

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