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3D printed flexure foot pedal project electronics

Designing a one-piece 3d printed foot pedal using mechanical flexures

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Custom gaming foot pedals project electronics

I created a set of custom gaming foot pedals, basically because I had nothing better to do while in Covid isolation!

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Diptrace Hierarchical Schematics electronics tutorials

A youtube tutorial on using hierarchical schematics in Diptrace

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Moving away from Arduino electronics

A quick checklist of things to know when considering moving from Arduino to a lower level microcontroller

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Diptrace Libraries and Patterns electronics

A youtube tutorial on using libraries and patterns in Diptrace

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SMD Prototype PCB project electronics

Describes a custom SMD prototype PCB I designed to jump start projects using SMD electronics

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Chez D'Alert: PIC Countdown Alarm project electronics

A summary of a project I build for my Dad's birthday.

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PIC16F628A TMR0 Interrupts tutorials electronics

A quick tutorial on how to use interrupts on a PIC16F628A microcontroller

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