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Live Electric Vehicle Telemetry Software

Posted by Will Hart on 2012-01-14

As part of my course we can get involved in the Formula Student race team. At my university this is quite a big deal with three distinct projects - a petrol car, an electric car and a bespoke twin cylinder engine. I'm working mostly on the electric car and volunteered myself to update our data logging / telemetry software.

This allows us to record and replay the data in real time from our onboard CANBus network. Luckily we had existing C++ based CANBus libraries for decoding the information, and an array of sensors / telemetry hardware already on board. The scope was therefore to build a student run version of something like Pi Toolbox.

This is important for testing and troubleshooting of the motor and for safety reasons - our drive is strapped next to some pretty mean batteries and we want to know if they are getting hot!

This project is ongoing, and is based on a C# desktop application and SQLite database. Currently we can log decoded CANBus messages and there are "sparklines" showing all our sensor readings. I'm working on a simple graph control after having had difficulty finding something lightweight and compatible with WPF. As it gets more complete I'll throw up some screenshots!