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Gradekeep Coursework Management

Posted by Will Hart on 2012-04-27

I've recently gone back to uni to get an engineering degree. Its hard work... many hours of study, constantly learning new things and challenging my brain in a way that it hasn't been challenged for nearly a decade. One of the difficulties I've had is keeping track of all the assignments that are due, the class tests, the lab reports, and so on. So I decided to put together an assessment tracking tool me and my fellow students could use.

Initially I built a spreadsheet but that didn't quite cut it. First of all it was a bit ugly, and secondly it was a pain to keep track of all the classes and to work out what was due when. So I set about building a little web application to help me manage my coursework - to keep track of my progress and my scores, to work out how much of a subject I had completed, and to remind me when something was due soon. What resulted was GradeKeep!

What is it?

The idea behind GradeKeep is pretty simple. Its an Open Source, online web application for teachers and students. Its for tracking your progress and keeping you informed when due dates are approaching.


  1. List all of your subjects and coursework/assignments
  2. Work out when things are due
  3. Keep track of your scores
  4. Keep track of your progress
  5. Get notified when something is due
  6. Share or install template courses with all your subjects/coursework already defined

GradeKeep is free and open source so you are welcome to use it on your own server, modify, fork, make pull requests and so on if you are a Github ninja.


Charts from the course dashboard, showing your progress in each subject

Subject Progress

The subject dashboard - showing assessment weightings, progress and scores

Dashboard Progress

Various reports are available

Available Reports

You can install an existing course template

Course Templates

What next?

The current version is 1.0. This is the first release and has all the basic functionality. Currently under development for version 2.0 are