to-textr (pronounced 'to teckster' or just 'teckster' for short) was an online publishing platform for writers of all kinds.

What it did

to-textr was an attempt to create a very streamlined, simple online text editing environment using the demarcate text editor. Various formatting options were available and the website allowed:

  • Create beautifully formatted documents, screenplays or slideshow presentations
  • share these online
  • keep private documents*
  • synchronise with Dropbox*
  • include $\LaTeX$ mathematics
  • embed a "textr" in another web page
  • edit Markdown in a WYSIWYG environment (not the traditional split preview pane)

In many ways, to-textr was trying to be what Medium has become.

How it was made

to-textr was built using Python and the Django framework. I never bothered to open source it!

  • Registered users only