GradeKeep 1.1 Released

A new version of GradeKeep was just released. This implements a number of bug fixes and a few new features. A full change log is included below, or head on over to to have a look.

Change Log - Version 1.1

KEY: + new feature
* Bug fix
- Removed feature
# Enhancement

Version 1.1

Released - 2012-04-27

+ Added this change log!
+ Add a link to send email alerts on admin dashboard
+ Allow users to change their password from their profile
+ Added pretty error pages
+ Allow filtering of reports by course

* Fix incorrect chart text in admin dashboard charts
* Deleting courses now deletes all subjects and coursework
* Fix error when deleting your last course
* Fix alignment of buttons and fields on register page
* Fix error where alerts were sent out for all coursework regardless of date

# Update footer text to show link to support pages
# Enhance security on email alert sending
# Enhance subject / course sharing
# Confirm with a user before sharing a course/subject template<br>
# Improve new user registration - prompt for allowing email alerts on first login
# Installing a course template now gives you the option to set it as your default
# Remove empty data tables if now subjects/coursework/courses found

Version 1.0

Initial Release - 2012-04-12

This was the initial release, launched at .

+ All base features