demarcate was designed to allow streamlined "in-place" editing of documents written in Markdown format.

What it does

Most Markdown editors let you edit in raw Markdown, and show you a preview of what you are doing. demarcate.js lets you edit the preview so you can immediately see how it will look.

How it was made

demarcate is an in development javascript library based on the jQuery framework. A web page can be enabled for demarcate editing with only a few lines of code:

// Enabled the DOM element with id 'textr_editable' for editing

// Bind to the editor close event, get the markdown and save
// it to the server via AJAX
$(document).bind('demarcate_editor_closed', function(e, elem) {
    var markdown_output = demarcate_dom_root.demarcate();

Download demarcate.js from github